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Our professionally trained movers can help you move even the most difficult items. Read one of our guides below to learn more about how we tackle moving items like hot tubs, gun safes, and more!


MVM has been helping families in the Ohio and Indiana areas move for more than a decade and have compiled our most frequently asked questions.

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Cargo Protection

In order to best serve you and ensure the safety of your goods, we offer several types of cargo protection coverage.

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Gun Safe Moving

Moving an item as large as a gun safe on your own could cause major damage to your home, your health, or your firearms. MVM Moving employs professionally trained movers to ensure your items are safe from harm.

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Hot Tub Moving

MVM Moving provides hot tub moving services out of our Columbus and Toledo, Ohio locations.

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Piano Moving

Moving a piano to a new residence or within a home is never an easy task but trained professionals can make it feel like a breeze. At MVM Moving we use our specialized equipment and protective pads to ensure that your home and items are protected from damage.

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Moving With Pets

Moving is very stressful for humans, and we usually know what is happening. Imagine how frightening and stressful a new environment can be for your pet. Check out some tips to make the transition less stressful.

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Moving with Kids

Kids can be just as stressed out as the rest of us during a move. If you’re children are going to be helping on move day; check out these tips to make their day more enjoyable.

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Moving with Seniors

Downsizing, moving in with family, or into a retirement facility is a big change and comes with different obstacles than a traditional home to home move. MVM works with individuals and families almost daily to coordinate permanent and temporary moves for seniors in town and across the country.

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Moving Checklist

It's Easy to Forget All the Details in Preparing for a Move. Check Out MVM's Moving Checklist That Helps You Remember Everything Leading up to Your Move!

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