MVM Moving not only moves your home or office, we sell all the supplies that you need to complete your job. Before you check with the big box stores, check with us. We offer heavy-duty boxes, packing paper, tape and tape guns, as well as plastic wrap, wardrobe boxes, and pallets when needed. See our price list below and call us at 844-424-MOVE or Contact Us with any questions or to schedule a supply delivery.

We often get phone calls asking us what size boxes to use or where to get boxes. Over the years we have refined our packing supply list to be easy and cost-effective. Some companies offer dozens of different styles and sizes of boxes and packaging for your move, we have found that the supply list below works well for the vast majority of our customers. If you would like something not on the list below, we are happy to make arrangements to bring special request supplies the day of your move.

  • Small Moving Boxes are 16x12x12 and are great for packing smaller and heavy items like books, desk and kitchen items, and fragiles.
  • Medium Moving Boxes are 18x18x16 and the most common size box that we use. These work great for books, dishes, china, picture frames, small artwork, and a variety of other common household items.
  • Large Moving Boxes are 18x18x24 typically used for larger but lighter items like pillows, blankets, other upholstered items, and smaller miscellaneous items.
  • Extra Large Moving Boxes are 22x22x22 and good to tie up any oversized linens and other miscellaneous items that don't seem to fit well into other boxes.
  • Wardrobe Boxes are standard 24-inch width and roughly 3 feet tall. We offer wardrobe boxes to use free of charge on your move day, or you can purchase them for $15 each. We typically use 2-3 wardrobes per standard size closet.
  • Packing Paper is offered in 12 and 25-pound bundles. This is a quick and easy way to wrap fragile items and fill in empty space at the top of your boxes at a fraction of the price of bubble wrap or similar products.  
  • Shrink Wrap is also offered in small and large sizes and is commonly used to protect light colored furniture, wrap artwork, and bind other padding to items that are going to be stored.
  • Tape is something that seems very insignificant, but a quality roll of tape can make the difference between things coming open in transit or staying firmly closed. We use a 3-inch roll of high-quality tape for packing.
  • Mattress Bags are also available for purchase for any size bed. We use heavy duty bags to keep your expensive mattresses clean in transit and storage. They are also can offer some extra protection for items like couches and chairs that are going to be stored long term.
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